Land becomes you

                                                                                    Silver-plated plates, glass, wax, podium, paint
                                                                                    Approx. 185 x 180 (cm)


Works and documentation from the exhibition Orgelpunkt, made during Gerlesborgsskolans AiR, Galleri Gerlesborg, 2019, SE

Mourning sap and Liktavla

Burnt wood, wax, glass, spruce leaf, wood, shellac, fabric, paint
150 x 80 x 45 (cm)

                                                                                At the end of a touch

                                                                                Cast iron fence, foam rubber
                                                                                Approx. 480 x 70 x 10 (cm)


                                Paper collage, ink, shellac, frame
                                45 x 58 (cm)


                Chair, hymn books, sieve cloth, silk ribbon
                Approx. 100 x 45 x 43 (cm) Hangs 50 cm above the floor



Knees as against east

Burnt wood, rye, Bohus granite, fir twig, latex
130 x 65 x 8 (cm)


                                                      Silver soil

                 Metal, wood, graphite powder, lace, cutlery, tack
                 80 x 60 x 40 (cm)

Drawers of white crystalline

Shelf, porcelain, foam rubber, hay, sheets, silk ribbon, wood, ink, cotton
120 x 60 x 31 (cm)


Plough, rope

Logrock, duo exhibition with Aski Dahl at Galleri Nos, Stockholm, SE
31/5 - 2/6 - 2019

Logrock brings together two artistic practices in the mutual state of rest.
Melanie Wiksell’s and Aski Dahl’s work emanates from different connotations of the word,
and meets in the reposing body and image respectively, in the materiality of phantasm
and the gibberish of strange objects

Mourning shield, 2019

Acrylic plastic, chair, handkerchief, silk ribbon, sheets, pillowcase, towels, silver bowl
50 x 50 x 100 (cm)


            Earthengown, 2019

            Burnt wood, porcelain
            60 x 45 x 15 (cm)

Laid in bare, 2019

Casted wax
91 x 10 x 3 (cm)